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About Jayanta Guha

Hello! I am glad you have visited my website.

I am Jayanta Guha an Indian wildlife photographer. I started photography with my smartphone and gradually moved to DSLR, then Mirrorless. I have used basic to advanced levels of gears and I have understood that - It's all about visualization! 

I love to feel the beauty of mother nature – I love to observe the moments of wild animals – And I never get bored! I get enthusiasm from nature. One just need to love her and you will find beauty everywhere. Based on our perspective and way of view we can create art. I always try to combine the flora with fauna. Generally, I prefer the artistic process, misty habitat with a moody color tone. At the same time, I prefer natural beauty as well. My works have been published and featured on many world-class platforms. 

I organize wildlife and nature photography learning tours at a reasonable cost so that anyone can join me and learn. 


  • Honorable Mention in Nature’s Best Photography ASIA 2021

  • Highly Commended in Memorial Maria Luisa 2023

  • Winner of 35Awards (Horned Animal)

  • Bronze Star Award of ND Awards 2021

  • Winner of Northeast Photography Award 2021

  • Winner of Village vibe Photography Competition 2021

  • World’s Top 10 Mobile Photographers Award


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